Calling all programmers, designers, makers and leaders! TeenHacks LI is Long Island’s premier 24-hour high school hackathon, by students, for students. Take part in group collaboration, interesting workshops, sweet prizes, and more. Get ready to meet new people and have an amazing time. Join our community as we build the future!

Founded by Jeffrey Yu and Wesley Pergament in 2018, we bring together the brightest students across the northeast to engage in “collaborative coding.” We hope to build a hacker community here on Long Island, with an emphasis placed on innovation and entrepreneurship.

Due to these unprecedented times, we will be hosting a virtual hackathon event! Everyone is welcome! To learn more about our virtual triathlon look below.


Learn-A-Thon: Saturday, November 7th

All times for workshops for all three events are in EST. 

  • 10:00am
    • Sign in
  • 10:30am
    • Opening Speeches
  • 11:30pm
    • Team Building
  • 1:30pm
    • Women in Stem Panel
  • 3:00pm
    • Cloud AR Workshop
  • 4:30pm
    • TIBCO Workshop
  • 5:00pm
    • Neural Coding Workshop
  • 6:30pm
    • Web Development Workshop
  • 7:00pm
    • Intro to HTML with
  • 8:00pm
    • Closing Statements

Build-A-Thon: Saturday, November 14th (EST)

  • 12:00pm
    • Virtual Check-In
  • 1:00pm
    • Opening Ceremony
  • 2:00pm
    • DealerTrack
  • 3:30pm
    • Culture of Tech Panel
  • 4:00pm
    • Lunch Break
  • 4:30pm
    • Cryptocurrency Panel
  • 5:30pm
    • Kahoot
  • 6:00pm
    • Database Programming Panel
  • 7:30pm
    • Among Us/ Virtual Pirate Mafia
  • 8:30pm
    • Artificial Intelligence Workshop
  • 9:00pm
  • 10:00pm
    • Machine Learning Workshop
  • 11:00pm
    • Movie
  • 12:00am
    • Karaoke

Share-A-Thon: Saturday, November 21st (EST)

  • 9:00am
    • Opening Stream
  • 11:45am
    • Entrepreneurship Panel
  • 12:30pm
    • Highlights from the Hackathon
  • 1:00pm
    • Keynote Speakers
  • 2:00pm
    • Presentations
  • 4:00pm
    • Closing Statements


What if I’m a beginner?

Do not worry. TeenHacks LI encourages students of all levels to come! In addition, we will have workshops throughout the hackathon as well as mentors available to answer any of your questions.

Who can attend?

All high school students are welcome to attend. If you are older or younger and still want to participate as a hacker, shoot us an email. If you're older, we welcome you to sign-up as a mentor!


What if I don't have a team?

In the beginning, we’ll have a team formation session to make sure you’re not alone. You can have teams as large or small as you want, but only teams of 2-4 will be eligible for prizes.

Hackathon Sponsors


$1,061 in prizes

1st Place

If you have a 1st Place project in the COVID-19 Prize Track, you will obtain AirPods or their monetary equivalent ($100)!

2nd Place

If you have a 2nd Place project in the COVID-19 Prize Track, you will obtain Roku Premieres!

3rd Place

If you have a 3rd Place project in the COVID-19 Prize Track, you will obtain VR Goggles (you can play games with it and plug it into your phone similar to Google Cardboard). Tres bien!

Best Beginner Hack

If you win in the beginner's prize track (winning project through coders that have limited experience), you will obtain a Photon Wi-Fi development board (similar to Raspberry Pi)!

People's Choice Awards

If you win in the people's choice awards (most popular project graded according to Devpost), you will obtain a $50 Amazon Gift Card!

Best Health Tech Award

If you win in the health tech prize track (winning project that addresses creating technology for health benefits for nationwide communities), you will obtain a Let's Fit Fitness Smart Watch!

Best Entrepreneurship Hack

If you win in the entrepreneurship prize track (winning project that is the most creative or has the most inventive pitch deck), you will obtain Amazon Echo Dots!

Best Social Impact Hack

If you win in the social impact prize track (winning project that has the most impact on worldwide communities), you will obtain a internship in the Open Water Accelerator!

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Christopher League

Christopher League
Adivsor of LIU Computer Science Club

Noel Hidalgo

Noel Hidalgo
Executive Director of BetaNYC

Arslan Shahid

Arslan Shahid
Jr. Software Engineer

Workshop Hosts

Workshop Hosts
From Learn-A-Thon

Workshop Hosts

Workshop Hosts
From Build-A-Thon

Tim Maliyil

Tim Maliyil
Software Engineer

Jedidiah Weller

Jedidiah Weller
CEO at OpenForge

Judging Criteria

  • Creativity
    How creative is your project? How does it innovate from past applications of your idea? What does it do that is special?
  • Technical Skill
    Winners should have projects that took talent and problem solving skills to create. Feats of unique and impressive coding should be rewarded, as well as crazy “hacky” solutions. This is a hackathon, after all!
  • Polish
    How polished is your project? Does it have all the bells and whistles that you hoped to have in your final product? Does it logically extend upon your pitch deck for judging? How is your application user-friendly for potential consumers?

Questions? Email the hackathon manager

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